If I Know Anything

1. DON'T let corporations read your email. If you're getting your email for free and it's not an .edu, chances are good it's being scanned for advertising data. I wholeheartedly recommend ProtonMail.

2. DO support your favorite creators. Pay for the music you love (Bandcamp is a personal favorite). Find a way to help your favorite blogger pay their rent or buy their favorite meals (e.g., Patreon, Ko-Fi). Think more OnlyFans, less PornHub.

3. DON'T consume social media mindlessly. All things in moderation. Like anything else, social media is unhelpful in excess. Engage consciously.

4. DO support local businesses. Keep your money local for as long as you can. When you spend money with a local business, the amount of that sale that stays in your community goes up by 58%.

5. DON'T believe everything you read on the Internet. Including this.

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